Saturday, 30 March 2013

International TableTop Day - Rolleston edition

Howdy gamers of the world,

My friend Duncan hosted what may well have been one of the first International TableTop Day (ITTD) gaming events at his house here in Rolleston, New Zealand. OK, we may have cheated a wee bit because we held the event yesterday, due mainly to a venue scheduling snafu. Here are a few photos of the games we had available on the day:

We started at about 11am with a game of Gloom, which I didn't win, then stopped for a bit of a barbeque lunch. After an hour or so of hanging around eating and talking we decided to have what we though would be a quick round of Munchkin before tackling Ticket to Ride. However we played what I have since christened Death Munchkin. We improvised with a house rule* that all monsters were always wandering, i.e. as if the Wandering Monsters card was permanently in play. This made the game quite brutal, especially as players got close to 10th level. So much so that the game lasted most of the afternoon and we ran out of time for Ticket to Ride, but thats ok because it just means we'll have to play that on another occasion. Here's me in the middle of some tense Munchkin action, which, for the record, I also didn't win:

My mate Steve popped around today so in the spirit of ITTD we had a two-player game of Munchkin, because he'd missed the date change for yesterday. It seemed like the decent thing to do to play at least one game on the day anyway. And, I WON!!!!!!

The last couple of days have been a lot of fun. Getting a group of friends together to play a board game or two is a fantastic way to socialise. Over the years it has been one of the main ways I've kept in touch with my friends. I can't recommend this enough as a way to keep your social circle together. Well done Wil Wheaton and Geek and Sundry for promoting International TableTop Day. Long may it continue.


*OK, so we misread the rules. Hey, it happens! We also screwed up another rule, such that the card revealed when you kicked down a door wasn't in play unless it was a monster or curse, so players couldn't pick it up. These two rules "modifications" made for quite a challenging game. :)


  1. Alas, Munchkin is way too luck- and take-that-heavy for my tastes these days, and I find it tends to draw out a little too long ... if it played in 40-60 minutes I'd be more a fan, but these days an Annual Play is enough for me.

    My gaming friends are still keen on it however, and as it happens I played Zombie Munchkin on the Friday. Which technically counts as International TableTop Day because we played until about 12:30 Saturday morning.

    Why am I writing this? I don't know. Play more games.

    1. I know what you mean, but it is a good gateway game. It is suitably silly and amusing to use as an introductory game for new gamers. Thanks for your comment.